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Dr. Benjamin Morton is currently one of the most prolific emerging voices in leadership development and mental transformation of his generation in the United States. He is a coach, international speaker, thought leader, leadership consultant, attorney and social entrepreneur committed to the advancement of persona/business growth and development.

The 6’8” 225lb athlete turned attorney was born in Detroit, MI. He received full basketball scholarships throughout his collegiate career. This culminated in his receiving his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science along with honorable mention All-American basketball honors from the University of Central Florida (UCF) in 1989/90. Mr. Morton played professional basketball in the European League in Munich Germany however his basketball career was cut short due to knee injuries. He elected to return to the States and pursue a law career.

Dr. Benjamin Morton was selected for inclusion into the Top Attorneys of North America 2017 edition by The Who's Who Directories. Dr. Morton is a seasoned litigator with an undaunted attitude for success in a multi-faceted practice of law. This has led him to an irrefutable history of success. He is a skilled advocate, maintaining the highest degree of professionalism and civility. Dr. Morton is a former military Officer, having served at the

rank of Caption/0-3, with the Judge Advocate General Corps (JAG). He served 6 years on active duty with the United States Air Force in numerous capacities, to include Corporate Litigator. He has a 100% success rate before the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals and near perfect record as a trial attorney. Prior to serving in the Air Force, Dr. Morton also served in the United States Army as an Administrate Specialist/71L at the rank of Specialist/E-4.

Dr. Morton also served as a Special Assistant United States Attorney (Federal Prosecutor) in both the Federal District Court for the Southern District of Ohio and the Southern District of Maryland. He completed his tenure with a 97% conviction rate. Dr. Morton’s experience also includes Arbitration, Mediation, Summary Trials, and corporate negotiations.

Dr. Morton is the founder and President/CEO of The Global PIVOT Institute, an International Think Tank headquartered in Washington DC.  The newly formed Think Tank is the first and only African American founded institution of its kind whose sole objective is to provide transformational experiences through groundbreaking ideas, advise, plans, strategies, and advocacy, all while cultivating growth through service and education. The intentional strategic rules of engagement implemented in The Global PIVOT Institute, are deeply rooted in the creation and implementation of a uniquely designed 5-Step methodological approach.  Its fundamental mission rests in establishing a uniquely positive culture by changing narratives, through service and education, insofar as how we approach issues and challenges that adversely impact us in such areas involving social, public, economic, political, and technological policies.   

The five pillars upon which this objective is built is globally known as The Power of a Positive Pivot (The Triple P Methodology) – P/positive; I/issue; V/visualize; O/ownership; and T/triumphant. This Triple P Methodology has earned him the title of “Pivotologist. This newly formulated ground-breaking phenomenon is known as “Pivotology.”  Pivotology is the study of the heart and one’s behavior arising therefrom.  It is the intimate understanding of the implementation of our conscious thought processes, including the utilization of our feelings and emotions that arise from these conscious thoughts.  Further, it involves that ability to truly comprehend what drives, motivates and even inspires us to making the decisions we make.  It is the practical discipline of immense decision-making analysis, crossing the boundaries between the heart (that which conceives), the mind (that which believes), and the body (that which manifest what has been conceived and believed) into what can, in reality, be achieved. 

This signature methodology has been successfully introduced at Washburn University its School of Law, throughout numerous Public High Schools, all  in Topeka Kansas, The Boys and Girls Club of America, Jack & Jill of America, Kempar Travel Diaries of Nairobi Kenya (for the 2023 Inaugural “Kenya Self-Empowerment Leadership Forum”), and the list increases exponentially just about daily. 


This methodology, although created in the United States, was first presented in Nairobi Kenya in July 2022. First at a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center, then at both the Wakanda Gala in the Trademark Hotel and the First Annual International Business Connection Summit at the Kenyatta University Business and Students Service Centre International Business Connection Summit/Best of Africa Live Your Best Life Nairobi..  

Dr. Morton was nominated and presented with the Dr. Astell Collins Generation Leader Award by iChange Nations™ Special Envoy, Dr. Ruben West. iChange Nations™ is a Culture of Honor System; the organization is committed to bringing back the lost art of honor by building a Culture of Honor that recognizes individuals worldwide who have exemplified extraordinary humanitarian efforts to change nations effectively. Dr. Morton is now in the company of several world leaders that the iChange Nations™ organization has awarded.

Dr. Morton is a member of the Executive Leadership Board for “Congress for Global Communication". The Congress for Global Communication (CGC) is a U.S. headquartered, International Advocacy and Public sensitization group, making significant impact in global spaces. He was selected as the liason to the Quality Education Team (the 4th Sustainable Development Goal officially commissioned by the United Nations). To that end, Dr. Morton is the brain-child behind the world's first International Education Treaty (IET), designed to establish a Global alliance for the purposes of creating policies that may be implemented for developing universal baseline standards for "access" to "quality" education. In furtherence of this objective, as a member, he is working in collaboration with The Lions Club International.

He is a father, author, educator, entrepreneur, and business owner (Legal Info-Graphics, LLC – software Development Company).

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