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Welcome to The Global PIVOT Institute. A Think Thank, with results, providing

transformational experiences, through groundbreaking ideas, advice, and advocacy. All while cultivating growth through service and education.


Welcome to The Global PIVOT Institute, an International Think Tank headquartered in Washington DC.  The newly formed Think Tank is the first and only African American founded institution of its kind whose sole objective is to provide transformational experiences through groundbreaking ideas, advise, plans, strategies, and advocacy, all while cultivating growth through service and education. The intentional strategic rules of engagement implemented in the Global PIVOT Institute, are deeply rooted in the creation and implementation of a uniquely designed 5-Step methodological approach.



The five pillars which make up the objective of The Global PIVOT Institute are globally known as the Power of the Positive PIVOT (“Triple P”) P/positive; I/issue; V/visualize; O/ownership; and T/triumphant. The Triple P practical approach teaches us how to embrace life’s personal and professional issues in such a manner that allows us to engage in the most effective pivots as we maneuver through everyday life.  


The Global PIVOT Institute and its Triple P methodology is currently in the process of building a global alliance as it works in collaboration with such local, national and international institutions and entities as the Congress for Global Communication and its Quality Education Team (a Sustainable Development Goal officially commissioned by the United Nations), The Lions Club International, Washburn University of Topeka Kansas, The Boys and Girls Club of America, Jack & Jill of America, Kempar Travel Diaries of Nairobi Kenya (“Kenya Self-Empowerment Leadership Forum”), and the vision is to increase the list exponentially just about daily. 



The fundamental mission of The Global PIVOT Institute rests in establishing a uniquely positive culture by changing narratives, through service and education, insofar as how we approach issues and challenges that adversely impact us in such areas involving social, public, economic, political, and technological policies.


The PIVOT empowerment methodology involves several key practical elements that are inextricably linked to provide a systematic personal and professional learning and growth approach that teaches its recipients how to transform their analytical thought processes by internally embracing their innate ability to maneuver through life by accessing their inner mental strength and agility.  This newly formulated ground-breaking phenomenon is known as “Pivotology,” as studied by the Pivotologist (a professional who focuses extensively on the practical application of the heart and one’s behavior arising therefrom.) Pivotology is the study of the heart and one’s behavior arising therefrom.  

"The concept of PIVOT has just been given a new and more profound meaning thanks to Dr. Benjamin Morton. He is spreading the Power of the Positive Pivot.”

— Dr. Ruben West

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4315 50th Street NW - Suite 100
Washington, DC 20016
913-PP PIVOT (913-777-4868)
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